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Permanent Recruitment

Our strong team of consultants is dedicated to helping your company successfully achieve its business goals in today's dynamic environment. We are completely process driven and ensure that we offer our clients the best candidates in the fastest Turn Around Time & at the best Conversions Ratios.

We first study your requirements, undertake extensive research which helps us to map out the relevant industry, identify potential job seekers, create interest about your company and finally recommend interested and suitable profiles to you through a set, pre-defined process. By tailoring our search to your unique needs we are able to shortlist the individual or team most capable of handling the challenges that lie ahead.

Temporary Recruitment

E & M Global Pvt. Ltd. temporary Staffing services enable you to fill short-term needs for qualified employees. Companies rely on a temporary staffing agency’s contract staffing services to support upcoming projects, meet seasonal requirements and reduce their workforce during slow periods. Hiring individuals on a contract basis allows your company to maintain proper staff levels and retain the talent available today, while reducing employee-related costs.

International Recruitment

E & M Global Pvt. Ltd. is one of the leading and professionally managed manpower recruitment and Placement agency. We have a deep understanding of international man power recruitment processes; provide comprehensive recruitment solutions to maximize our clients' manpower potential. Being a global organization, we have placed job seekers in Middle East, Africa, etc. We possess excellent database for International Placements in all major spheres of employment. We have experienced staff members with extensive working knowledge of the international industries. We work in tandem with several international recruitment consultancies, assisting with them with immigration and international legislation requirements. Further, our cordial relations with Airlines, Travel agents, Government authorities and Consultants/ Embassies are an added asset. 

As a professionally managed recruitment agency we focus on the growing needs of companies abroad. We provide highly customized and personalized Human Resource Consultancy to our clients and candidates as well as try to build a courteous as well as professional relationship with all of them.

Executive Search

Executive Search is the term used for senior, niche and decisive positions in an organization like CEO, CFO, VP etc. People are the most powerful assets of an organization and the ability to choose the right people is most strategic for any organization today. And, the course of providing recruiting solution for the high end is more composite, dynamic and varied.

At E & M Global Pvt Ltd , we understand that you need someone who can motivate and inspire, raise productivity, increase quality, and lower turnover and absenteeism. Just as importantly, you want someone who will be able to rise to any crisis or disaster with speed, integrity, strength, and creativity. And to provide you with the right match, we have the most experienced consultants working across key industry segments and functions having strong network with the top batch.

Today companies are increasingly turning to specialized search firms to help them find leaders who can take them to newer heights. We have what it takes to help you hire the right person to occupy the C-Suite roles in your organization and much more than just retained search.

Our expertise in CXO and Board level placements has seen E&M Global Pvt. Ltd  displaying complete professionalism in handling the career moves of these senior ranking executives. We have a top notch team designated to handle these strategic moves along the corridors of power.

Working in our favour is our in depth industry understanding of Application services, Product companies, Oil Industry,  Pharmaceuticals, Banking, Telecom, BPOs and almost all other industries. Our strong networking skills have enabled us to leverage these contacts to place people in the senior management level as per our client requirements. Our network extends not just to core business people but to various other functions like Finance, HR and other core functions of the organisation.

Volume Hiring

Implementing a high-volume hiring can save both time and money by reducing turnover, increasing quality of hire, reducing training time, and making the hiring process more efficient. The key is replica watches uk creating a repeatable, predictable process that increases candidate quality and helps weed out the bottom half. If you’re going to hire more than 20 people into a single job category you should consider engaging our high volume hiring solutions which is cost effective when compare to other expatriate hiring.

Various companies need to hire huge number of candidates in short span of time. Mostly it is either the case for service centers of especially high volume, to compensate for the turnover rate, or when a new service is starting, which needs strong profiled employees to rocket it to success. With ITES Clients in particular, there may be a need for a large number of positions to fill, sometimes in very short timeframes.

Campus Recruitment

Campuses are virtually sitting on a goldmine in terms of talent and resources. There is no doubt that it is always easier to mould a campus recruit than a lateral recruit. So, while the initial training period and learning curve is more for a fresher, the medium term output is higher.

E&M Global has a seasoned insight that campus recruitment provides an opportunity to choose and select the best talent in a short period of time. Therefore we aim at providing you with  Complete Solution right from targeting the right institutes to organizing for volume recruitment drives including conducting screening tests, interviews, offer roll out, etc.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a form of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) which is also known as Employment Process Outsourcing. The scope of RPO services depending upon your requirement, may include but not limited to searching candidates from your internal database, job boards, CV/Resume screening, response handling, research for passive candidates, corporate intelligence research, database maintenance, skills testing, research and monitoring open positions of swiss replica watches other companies on their websites or job boards to help you analyze market trends and recruiting market. E&M Global Pvt Ltd. provides highly effective and flexible research at very attractive rates. We offer very high quality searches and results particularly in complex searches of the Internet where we are constantly developing and refining techniques.

Recruiter on Demand

Our Our 'Recruiter on Demand' service delivers an immediate, specialist, efficient and economic recruitment solution to full fill seasonal or once-off spikes in hiring.

As the service is on a drawdown basis for the required duration of the project, it gives clients all the resources of a recruitment department with none of the permanent overheads.

Alp provides a client with an on-site recruiter to manage and coordinate the recruitment project on their behalf. This individual works as an extension to Human Resources and/or the hiring manager and has access to an industry-leading recruitment team and system that can be located on- or off-site and can be scaled up or down depending on the client’s requirements.

Recruiter on Demand gives clients accountability, control over costs, a commitment to fill all roles, a detailed understanding of the role and company fit, Alp would assist you on rolex replica deployment of right resource/talent based on the specific role to be done like Sourcing, Scheduling, project management resource, management of multiple vendors etc.

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